Top 5 Post-Surgery Compression Garments to Wear After Liposuction or a Brazilian Butt Lift

Are you planning a plastic surgery procedure like liposuction or a Brazilian butt lift? If so, we’ve got the perfect post surgery compression garments solution for you.

Compression garments help reduce swelling, and encourage faster healing, aiding in your recovery process, giving you better results.

If you don’t wear a post surgery compression garment your body will retain extra fluids. These trapped fluids can build up and cause pain.

Don’t worry – this article is your one-stop for achieving beautiful plastic surgery results! Read on for our top 5 compression garments, their benefits, and how they’ll help.

We’ve done the work for you and narrowed down 5 great options suitable for a variety various invasive plastic surgeries. This list will give you a clear, unbiased view of which garment is the perfect option for you and why.

5 Best Post Surgery Compression Garments

Snatched Body Post Surgery Faja

InstantRecoveryMD Underbust Bodyshort With Front Zip

InstantRecoveryMD Underbust Bodyshort With Front Zip & Butt Opening

M&D Post-Surgery BBL Compression Garment

Sonryse Fajas Colombianas

Comparison Table

Snatched Body Post Surgery Faja
  • Comfy shoulder straps
  • Easy access bathroom zipper.
  • Three settings for compression
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InstantRecovery Bodyshort With Front Zip
  • Full underbust and torso coverage
  • Comes in 2 colors – nude and black.
  • Front zipper allows easy take on and off.
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InstantRecovery Bodyshort With Front Zip & Butt Opening
  • Adjustable straps
  • Butt opening perfect for post-Brazilian butt lift
  • Made in the USA
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M&D Post-Surgery BBL Compression Garment
  • Full hook and eye fastenings.
  • Elasticated to fit any body shape
  • Inclusive sizes from XXS – XXXL

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Sonryse Fajas Colombianas
  • Top seller on amazon
  • Sizes from 3XS – 4XL
  • Several color options
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Product Breakdown

#1 – Snatched Body Post Surgery Faja

Check it Out Now at Snatched Body

  • Full body garment with gentle comfort shoulder straps
  • Added back and mid-section support,
  • Easy access bathroom zipper.
  • Three settings for compression

If you’re looking for ultimate comfort compression garments after surgery, consider Snatched Body’s best seller. This garment has wide straps, with adjustable shoulder straps.

The bodysuit features double ab adjustment and is lightweight – you’ll forget you’re even wearing it! If you’ve just had a tummy tuck, 360 lipo, or a Brazilian butt lift, this will keep everything where it should be as your body heals. It’s also available with a bra and sleeves for post-arm liposuction compression.

#2 – InstantRecoveryMD Underbust Bodyshort With Front Zip

Check it out now at Instant Recovery

  • Full underbust and torso coverage
  • Comes in nude and black and will look invisible under clothing
  • Supports your stomach, waist, abdomen, back, and buttocks post-op with 24-hour use
  • 72% nylon and 28% spandex material blend exclusive to Instant Figure
  • Includes a front zipper to easily take on and off.

InstantRecoveryMD’s Underbust Bodyshort is a great choice for a liposuction compression garment or a bbl compression garment. The material compresses around your waist and thighs, stopping a couple of inches above the knee. They have sizes ranging from S to XL.

Made from thin single-layer fabric, this bodysuit is breathable, flexible, and extremely discreet under form-fitting clothing, still complementing your figure and not making you lose your shape. You won’t find yourself overheating, and you can wear it while you sleep.

#3 – InstantRecoveryMD Underbust Bodyshort With Front Zip & Butt Opening

Check it out now at Instant Recovery

  • Adjustable straps help the garment conform perfectly to your body
  • Butt opening perfect for post-Brazilian butt lift
  • Can also wear it after tummy tucks, lipo, lower back surgery, or waist surgery
  • More range of movement than a full short garment
  • Made in the USA

If you find that a full torso, butt, and thigh compression garment is too tight or claustrophobic, check out InstandRecoveryMD’s alternative option.

The InstantRecoveryMD Underbust Bodyshort With Front Zip and Butt Opening allows for even more ease of movement and comfort for up to 24 hours a day.

The opening around your buttocks means it won’t compress your post-surgery butt too tightly. It will still lift and sort it to help you gain natural firmness!

The underbust line lets you wear a bra underneath it, and the slim adjustable straps sit so comfortably that you won’t even know they’re there.

Also made from InstantRecoveryMD’s exclusive material blend, this bodysuit is comfy, reliable, not to mention doctor recommended.

#4 – M&D Colombianas Moldeadoras Post-Surgery BBL Compression Garment

Check It Out Now On Amazon

  • Full hook and eye fastenings for ease of use and full compression
  • 85% nylon and 15% elastane material – lightweight, form-fitting, and comfy
  • Elasticated to fit any body shape
  • Inclusive sizes from XXS – XXXL
  • Posture-correcting inserts

This one gained a spot on the list for its great reviews and innovative hook and eye closures. Because it’s not a zip-up, if there are days where you feel too tender to have full compression, you can hook it looser.

The material blend stretches out while still retaining its ability to compress, and it’s lined with soft cotton so you won’t feel sweaty or chafe. If you’re looking for compression garments after liposuction and a butt lift, the M&D compression garment offers a two in one solution.

Also known as a faja it lifts your butt and helps to hold its shape after surgery, the surgical bra supports post-op breasts, the crotch zip allows for ease of use without having to take the whole garment off, and the thighs come complete with an anti-roll band at the bottom to stop them sneaking up throughout the day.

#5 – Sonryse Fajas Colombianas

Check it Out Now On Amazon

  • Shaped to give you an hourglass figure.
  • Underbust line so you can wear your favorite bras with it
  • Top seller on amazon
  • Sizes from 3XS – 4XL
  • Several color options
  • Designed to be unnoticeable under clothing

Looking for compression garments after a Brazilian butt lift? Check out the Sonryse post-surgery shapewear. If retaining a slim, shapely hourglass figure during recovery is important for you, then Sonryse has you covered.

With a sleek design, crotch zip, and adjustable removable straps, Sonryse has thought of everything. You have less wiggle room with only one level of hook and eye closures, but the material is stretchy and can accommodate any body shape.

This garment also comes in a wide variety of colors: beige, black, mocha, cocoa, chocolate, and black ash. For each color, there is a slightly different style. There are pieces that end at the bottom of your buttocks to pieces that stretch down your thighs. Sonryse is an ideal choice for your bbl compression garment.

How to Choose the Best the Post Surgery Recovery Garment

What should you look for in your recovery garments?

  1. Make sure your body feels compressed and restricted, but not extremely painful. Your garment shouldn’t leave you unable to move. Don’t forget, you’ll be a little tender after surgery!
  2. Choose one that’s right for your surgery. If you’ve had a BBL, look for garments with extra butt support. If you’ve had lipo, you’ll need a piece that compresses your tummy.
  3. Make sure your garment can soak up or drain excess moisture like sweat because you’ll be wearing it for a while.
  4. Check that it’s easy to wash and dry!
  5. Check the product and user reviews.


Do you have a question about your surgical garments? Here are the most commonly asked questions and answers.

What is Stage 1 and Stage 2 compression garments?

Whenever you look at compression clothes, the word “stage One” or stage 2 are used. Stage 1 is the garment used when you first come out of surgery and has a slightly looser fit. Then as your swelling and fluid retention decreases, you move to a stage 2 compression garment which is slightly heavier and has slightly less compression than stage 1 garments.

How Many Garments Should I Buy?

At least two. After surgery, you’ll need to wear these full time, so have one to wear while the other is being washed.

How Long Should Post Surgery Compression Garments Be Worn?

The healing period following surgery and minimally-invasive treatments typically can last up to 12 weeks depending on your procedure. Medical quality post-operative compression garments can aid in a comfortable recovery at any time. Your garment offers support during extended wear, even at rest, and can be worn for 24 hours a day.

Consult your surgeon, for instructions that are specific to you and the procedure that you are having.

Speed up Your Recovery With A Post-surgical Compression Garment

By now, you should know how important it is to wear post surgery compression garments. They help the skin retain elasticity without sagging, and overall speed up your healing process.

For everything skin, beauty, and surgery, check out HerOnlineWorld’s informative blogs and product reviews.


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