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Fat loss without going under the knife. Does CoolSculpting Work?

Fat loss without going under the knife. Does CoolSculpting Work?

The journey to weight loss can be exhausting. You tire yourself on the treadmill, religiously follow the “green” Mediterranean diet, remove the concept of cake from your mind but it still doesn’t happen. You still haven’t gotten rid of that stubborn belly pooch. Now, the thought of going under the knife may have crossed your mind. But did you know that more and more people are going for non-invasive fat reduction treatments? One of them is coolsculpting and it’s quite popular. But does coolsculpting really work?

Cryolipolysis removes the fat from different parts of the body. It is done by freezing the fat cells of particular body parts. The reason why people wishing to lose fat turn to coolsculpting is because this process is less risky as compared to other surgical procedures i.e. Liposuction etc. Mainly, because it doesn’t involve any incisions, surgical tools, and anesthesia.

How does Coolsculpting work?

Coolsculpting employs a method known as cryolipolysis. Here’s how it works:

After applying the gel pad to targeted areas, the fatty body area is placed between two panels. These panels perform the cooling of fats. But how does that happen? A vacuum sucks out the fat cells into an applicator that cools them to a freezing temperature.

The treatment works on the proven fact that low temperature helps to remove fat cells from the desired body parts instead of higher temperature. Every targeted body area takes almost an hour for the treatment and fat cells are crystallized and killed. These dead cells gradually pass out of the body naturally through your lymphatic system which happens over several weeks. The results start getting visible at full bloom after a span of three months. Usually, people like to remove fat from their lower back, underneath the chin, belly, and thighs with the help of this procedure. It also reduces the excess fat clustered in arms, legs, and buttocks.

Does Coolsculpting Really Work?

According to research carried out on the efficacy of cryolipolysis in 2009, it was found that this procedure reduces fat by 25 percent. The results were still very much present after the six months of treatment. However, every medicinal or cosmetic innovation comes with some benefits and side effects as well. The same is the case with coolsculpting. But the good news is that there are no serious risks for this treatment. Here are some of the benefits and side effects in detail.


Side Effects of Coolsculpting

  • Tugging and pulling sensation

The minor side effects involve a feeling of severe cold during the treatment. People who are sensitive to cold and severe temperature changes should consult their physician before undergoing any cosmetic treatment. You may also feel a tugging or pulling sensation on your body. You’ll have to endure this for almost one to two hours. Because this is an average time span of the treatment.

  • Stinging and aching

Some people get a sore body after the treatment and experience a little bit of swelling. Cryolipolysis can also cause mild pain including stinging and aching at the treated areas of the body as a result of the procedure. The exposure of the body to intense freezing temperature during the treatment may be the cause of these pains. There is also always a slight chance of nerve pain.

  • Temporary redness and bruising

One of the side effects of coolsculpting includes temporary redness and swelling of the targeted body parts. Skin also gets sensitive and reacts to minor changes.

  • Paradoxical fat hyperplasia

Cryolipolysis can also result in rough or uneven skin. There is a very small percentage of people (less than one percent) who may experience a complication. It’s called paradoxical fat hyperplasia. This complication results in an increased size of fat cells in the targeted area instead of a decrease. While its reason is still not fully understood by the experts, it’s a dangerous side effect and doesn’t go on its own. The chances of this side effect are more in men.

Benefits of Coolsculpting

These side effects of coolsculpting fade away in a span of a short time. There are nearly no risks or life-threatening conditions. The liver is also not damaged during this procedure. Studies have proven this procedure to be safe and effective for people desiring to remove body fats. Frozen fat cells do not return, they are decreased in the targeted areas by 10-25%. It is the most convenient method as compared to other fat loss procedures. Needles are not used and therefore, scarring on the body is not an issue either. There is no ‘set’ recovery time. You can drive home after a treatment. The results start getting more obvious within a few weeks. Some people show full-fledged results after two or three months but it varies according to different body types.

How long will the results last?

The results from coolsculpting last forever. However, it’s important to understand that the fat cells are completely killed off and never come back, you may get new fat cells in the same area if you gain weight.

Who Should Avoid Coolsculpting

Although the procedure itself doesn’t harm anybody, there are certain limitations. People with loose skin, having Cryoglobulinemia (abnormal proteins start thickening in low temperature), Cold urticaria (a condition where your skin gets itchy welts in low temperature) and Paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria (a condition that destroys your red blood cells in low temperatures) should not opt for this treatment. They can have worse side effects and the procedure may even cost them their lives in some cases.

Is Coolsculpting a Weight Loss Procedure?

It’s a common misconception among most people that coolsculpting is a weight loss procedure. It is anything but that. It just removes the fat from your body. It paves the way for your weight loss journey. The plot twist is that you will only show the positive results of coolsculpting as long as you keep taking care of your body. A good diet and a healthy lifestyle elongate the results and make them effective. Taking care of your diet and keeping a healthy lifestyle is the first step towards achieving a fit body. In conclusion, every cosmetic procedure or weight loss treatment will only be effective as long as you make an effort for your body and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Over To you…

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