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The 5 Best BBL Pillows 2022 – To help you sit after a Brazilian Butt Lift

The 5 Best BBL Pillows 2022 – To help you sit after a Brazilian Butt Lift

After Brazilian butt lift surgery, it’s vital to protect your investment by not sitting or putting weight on your butt. This can create difficulties when traveling home and returning to everyday activities like driving or working. Your doctor will likely tell you to avoid sitting but as we know life continues and you will need to sit down in the weeks following surgery. It can be nerve-racking to sit following surgery, but worry no more the bbl pillow was designed to allow you to sit safely by transferring weight and pressure to your thighs.

A bbl pillow to use after a Brazilian butt lift procedure is a vital companion to help with your recovery, allowing you to sit and return to normal daily activities with ease and comfort.

To help you select the best bbl pillow for you, I have consulted thousands of product reviews as well as drawing on my own experiences after having a Brazilian butt lift surgery. Here is a round-up of the best bbl cushions and pillows to aid you in your recovery process. 

At A Glance: Our Top 5 Picks For The Best BBL Pillows


Ultra Comfort Brazilian Butt Lift Pillow After Surgery Ultra Comfort Brazilian Butt Lift Pillow After Surgery
  • Two-Piece Set
  • Comes with a handy drawstring travel bag.
  • Black velvet washable covers.
  • High quality – full yet soft bottom pillow.
  • Doctor Approved
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Snatched Body BBL Pillow 2-Pack Soft/Firm Combo Snatched Body BBL Pillow 2-Pack Soft/Firm Combo
  • Two-Piece Combo set
  • Suitable for long & short periods 
  • Includes a drawstring bag for travelling
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Inflatable BBL Chair by Socivis Inflatable BBL Chair by Socivis
  • Suitable for use indoors and outside
  • Two-piece set – includes footstall
  • Infltable
  • Included Electric air pump
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Bombshell Booty Pillow Bombshell Booty Pillow
  • Doctor recommended
  • Good option for shorter / Petite girls.
  • Includes a pee funnel
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AOSSA Inflatable BBL Pillow AOSSA Inflatable BBL Pillow
  • Best Option For Sleeping
  • Wipe clean PVC material
  • Use post-recovery as an ordinary inflatable bed
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Product Breakdown

#1 –Ultra Comfort BBL Pillow with Back Support

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What we Like About The Ultra Comfort BBL Pillow

  • Two-Piece Set – Second pillow offers back support.
  • Comes with a handy drawstring travel bag.
  • Black velvet washable covers.
  • High quality – full yet soft bottom pillow.
  • Doctor recommended

Our first choice is the Ultra Comfort BBL pillow. The Ultra Comfort BBL pillow is a two-piece set. Comprising of a standard bottom bbl cushion and a second back cushion. By incorporating a second pillow into the design it offers enhanced lower back contributing to better posture and overall comfort. Its velvet black feel alongside an elastic strap on the back pillow makes for a practical and classy choice. The bottom cushion is made from 100D recycled foam and the top cushion is 50D memory firm providing optimal comfort. The velvet-like cover is fully removable and washable and it comes with a handy free drawstring bag from storage and traveling. The Ultra Comfort BBL pillow’s ergonomic design makes it a best seller for comfort, coupled with its high-quality memory foam it provides just the right amount of support whilst being soft enough to sit on in comfort.

#2 – Snatched Body BBL Pillow Combo Set

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  • Doctor Approved
  • Available in 5 different colors.
  • Lightweight portable and easy to travel.

What we Like About The Snatched Body BBL Combo Set

The Snatched Body BBL pillow is made of memory foam and features a velvet cover. The set includes two pillows, one firm and one soft. The firm cushion is sturdy and suitable for long periods of sitting, such as at work, or on a plane journey. The softer pillow provides comfort for shorter periods of time. The two pillows can accommodate a wide variety of chair types, allowing you to sit comfortably whilst providing varying support. Its lightweight size and weight make the firmer pillow a perfect travel companion pillow after surgery for traveling by car or by plane. The snatched body BBL pillow was specifically designed with Brazilian butt lift patients in mind and is a top pick if you intend on flying post-surgery.

#3 – Inflatable BBL Chair by Socivis

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What we Like About The Inflatable BBL Chair by Socivis

  • Waterproof – Use Outdoors and Inside.
  • Two-Piece set – comes with foot stool.
  • Includes an electric air pump
  • Favourite Pick

One of the complaints with the traditional bbl pillow is that it can become uncomfortable to sit on for long periods of time, with pressure to the thighs becoming a problem. Socivis’s BBL chair eliminates that problem. The inflatable chair provides a seat and footstool that provide a comfortable chair to sit and sleep on for hours. The chair has a 23.6 in by 16.5 hole for your buttocks to fit – whilst allowing you to sit without applying any pressure.

Socivis’s bbl chair is suitable for use outside and indoors, it’s perfect for use when recovering at home indoors or lounging outdoors by the pool or in the garden. It also included an electric air pump for quick and easy inflation.

#4 – Bombshell Booty Pillow

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What we Like About The Bombshell Booty Pillow

  • Doctor recommended
  • Good option for shorter / Petite girls.
  • Includes a pee funnel

If you are looking for superior quality, the bombshell booty pillow is the best BBL pillow option for you. This pillow was designed and patented in the USA. The doctor recommended Bombshell booty pillow was designed especially for BBL patients. It can be used at home, in the office, in the car, or even on the plane.

Measuring in at 15 inches by 7 inches by 4 inches, it’s an excellent option for shorter or petite girls. The bombshell booty pillow hugs the thighs, providing users with a comfortable and durable pillow to aid them in recovery.

It also includes a handy pee funnel for the early post-surgery days when bending down to use the toilet is difficult.

#5BBL Mattress bed by Licious

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What we Like About The Licious BBL Bed

  • Best Option For Sleeping
  • Wipe clean PVC
  • Can be used as an ordinary inflatable bed post-recovery

The new to the market Licious Inflatable BBL bed pillow is not your typical BBL pillow. Its unique design has sleeping in mind. Whilst many of the other pillows on the market address the problem of sitting, this BBL bed will ensure you get your beauty sleep whilst recovering from your BBL procedure. Made from an inflatable PVC is truly unique and perfect for anyone that likes all things pretty and pink. It’s waterproof and can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth. It also includes a handy footstall to fill the hole to use as an ordinary inflatable bed. The Licious BBL bed is hands down the best bbl pillow for sleeping.

How To Choose The Best Bbl Pillow For Your Needs?

Now you’ve read the review on each of the five BBL pillows and what we like in each of them. Now it’s time to explain the importance of using a bbl pillow during your Brazilian butt lift recovery, and what you should be considering when choosing the best bbl cushion for you.

Why You Need A Bbl Pillow

Prior to having bbl surgery, there are many questions to ask your doctor about what you can and can’t do post-surgery. Your doctor will most likely explain to you that you must avoid sitting or applying pressure to your butt to avoid compromising the procedure or results. Most surgeons will recommend a butt pillow or bbl cushion if they didn’t – now is the time to get one.

BBL pillows are an excellent method to assist you with sitting following your Brazilian butt lift procedure and are an essential recovery period companion. They can also be used for other procedures if recommended by your doctor, such as a buttock augmentation or Sculptra butt lift. By raising your buttocks, your bbl cushion shifts your weight to your thighs, relieving your butt from contact with surfaces. This is important since your doctor will advise you not to sit for a period of time following your procedure. Nonetheless, life must go on, and it’s likely you will need to sit – that is where the bbl cushion comes into play.

What To Look for in A BBL Pillow

There are many different BBL recovery pillows on the market to choose from and meet your requirements. One of the most important factors to consider when selecting a BBL pillow is the firmness of the pillow and the level of support it provides. It needs to be sturdy enough to hold your weight without becoming squashed. If it is too soft or not thick enough it will flatten, and your butt will touch the chair or surface below – that’s what we don’t want!

Can I Travel with A bbl pillow?

Another important factor to consider when choosing a bbl pillow is if it is travel-friendly. If you intend to use the pillow for driving, the pillow will need to fit in your car seat whilst also allowing you to sit and drive safely. If you are traveling out of town for bbl surgery and will be flying home then you will need a pillow that is easy to carry. It is likely the flight attendant will ask you to not use the cushion during take-off and landing, so you will need to pack your cushion away either under the seat or in the overhead locker. Choosing a bbl recovery pillow with a handy bag or carry case is a great option for traveling. It’s also great for concealing your bbl pillow to allow you to travel discreetly all while fitting alongside your hand luggage.  

How to Sit On a BBl pillow

BBl pillows are designed to transfer the weight from your butt to your thighs. Your BBL pillow should be placed on top of the seat you want to sit on. Then sit down using your thighs to absorb your weight. Your thighs should be in contact with the cushion, and your buttocks should be elevated and not touch the seat or any surfaces. Stand up and adjust your position frequently to avoid numbness and stimulate circulation. If you received liposuction to your thighs the pillows listed may not be suitable for you, please consult with your doctor before using.

How long after bbl surgery can I sit without a pillow?

For the best results follow the instructions provided to you by your doctor. However, commonly patients are advised after about 6 weeks they are able to return to basic activity and sit comfortably.

How can I sleep comfortably after BBL surgery?

Sleeping on your stomach is the safest and most effective way to sleep during your Brazilian butt lift recovery process. Side sleeper is feasible, but only in cases where you have not had any fat transferred to your hips. Sleeping on your back is not good practice and could damage the results of your Brazilian butt lift. You may decide that you need two BBl pillows, one for sitting and one for lying down. It’s important to choose the best bbl pillow for sleeping that is comfortable for you, as you will be sleeping and laying down a lot during the recovery process. We recommend the Licious BBL Bed as the best bbl for sleeping. If needed ask your doctor for further advice and guidance.

Conclusion – Choosing The Best BBl pillow for you

Recovering from Brazilian butt lift surgery like any other cosmetic procedure brings its challenges. Using a bbl pillow can hopefully make the experience a bit more comfortable and manageable. I hope this guide has helped you make a decision on the best bbl pillow for you.


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