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What is bbl surgery? and is it dangerous?

What is a Brazilian butt lift?

A Brazilian butt lift is a procedure that consists of fat grafts also known as a surgical fat transfer. The procedure involves removing excess fat from one area of the body such as the tummy, processing the fat, and reinjecting it into the butt. The excess fat deposits are removed by liposuction and in small volumes injected into the buttocks. Unlike other buttock procedures such as a buttock augmentation with implants, bbl surgery can bear fewer risks and complications. That isn’t to say the procedure is risk-free- more on that later!

The procedure aims to improve the general shape by increasing the size of the buttocks, make the buttocks fuller and rounder, providing an attractive shape by bringing contouring, tone, and definition to the bottom and hips. When performed with 360 liposuction the results can be a curvier hip to waist ratio. The procedure is known to produce more natural-looking results than a butt augmentation.

Safety concerns and risks for Brazilian butt lift

As with any surgery, it doesn’t come without risks. Current reports suggest that 1 out of every 3000 Brazilian butt lifts results in death. The mortality rate after bbl surgery is at least 10 times higher than other cosmetic procedures. Bbl surgery is said to have the highest number of deaths compared to other cosmetic procedures. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons said it should discontinue Brazilian butt lift surgery until newer and safer techniques of fat injection into the bottom are developed. At present only 5% of British surgeons perform bbl surgery, meaning for many patients seeking Brazilian butt lift surgery the only option is to go abroad. Destinations like Turkey, Dominican Republic, and Colombia have become hotspots for Brazilian butt lifts.

What could go wrong in BBL surgery?

One of the major risks of bbl surgery is pulmonary embolism. During the operation, when the fat is being reinserted into the buttock, the cannula has to remain above the gluteal muscle. In the event, it goes below the fat can enter the bloodstream. Fat droplets in the bloodstream can travel through the blood to the lungs causing a pulmonary embolism, which can be fatal.

Assymatary can occur, as up to 50% of the fat reinjected is not absorbed. This can lead to unsatisfactory results, and sometimes it is necessary to complete another procedure to achieve the desired volume. can not be achieved in one surgery.

Other risks include of BBL surgery include infection, poor wound healing, blood clots, numbness, deep vein thrombosis, and complications with the anesthetic.


Where do I go?

Licensed cosmetic surgery clinics and hospitals within England must be registered with Clinical Commissioning for Cosmetic Surgery. You should always independently research your surgeon who will perform your surgery. As bbl surgery is only performed by 5% of UK plastic surgeons, options in the UK are few and far between. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons guidelines. recommend transferring a maximum of 300cc’s of fat into each buttock. Overseas destinations such as Turkey will transfer up to 1000cc’s. As a result, this leads many patients abroad, seeking more options, more drastic results, and often cheaper prices.

However, If you are thinking about undergoing cosmetic surgery overseas you must be aware the same safety standards as the UK may not be applied overseas. When considering an overseas doctor, the recovery process is an important element to consider. Depending on the length of the flight home, you would need to stay in the country where the procedure is performed from 2 weeks up to 4 weeks.

BBL surgery recovery process

Depending on the doctor, patients are usually advised not to sit on the affected area (the buttock) for a least 6 weeks. A special ‘booty’ cushion can be purchased to aid recovery, which allows you to sit without putting any pressure on the buttock, your weight is put on the back of the thighs instead. Although, if liposuction was performed to the back of the thighs this may not be an option you can use straight away.

Lymphatic massages are often recommended to speed up the healing and recovery process of liposuction and fat transfer surgery. Lymphatic massages aim to move the stored fluids in the liposuction areas through the lymphatic drainage system. Removing excess fluid is said to close the gap between tissues allowing for quicker healing. The downside of lymphatic massages is that it can be uncomfortable and painful as it involves being massaged in areas that are tender, painful and bruised.

Activities such as sports or heavy lifting, running, and biking should be avoided for at least 6 weeks. After 2 weeks the swelling usually starts to reduce, and discomfort starts to ease. Depending on your type of work, you may need to take up to a month of a work.

Brazilian butt lift ideal candidates

A good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift or any fat grafting procedure is a patient who is generally healthy and has a sufficient amount of fat on other areas of the body. Without sufficient available fat to be removed by liposuction, the surgeon will not have enough to reinject to the buttocks. A body mass index of 20-28 is recommended. Bbl surgery is not suitable for those who are very overweight – usually, it is recommended that patients lose weight to reach the recommended BMI before being considered for the surgery.

Smoking can affect the healing process, Patients that smoke have lower fat transfer survival rates and greater risks of infection. Therefore it is suggested that patients give up smoking prior to bbl surgery, and too not smoke during the recovery process.

The Brazilian Bum Lift Consultation Process

If you’re in doubt or contemplating bbl surgery we recommend researching and getting as much independent advice as possible. Consultation is an important part of your cosmetic surgery journey, it is a chance to ask any questions you have, discuss outcomes and establish realistic expectations of the surgery results. Whilst preparing you for the procedure ensuring you are educated and informed about the procedure. The risks of the procedure are discussed in detail during the consultation period. Also, the limitations to this procedure to avoid anomalous unfortunate outcomes.

Pre-surgery preparation for BBL surgery

Following bbl surgery, you must be prepared to rest and recover without sitting on your buttocks. You will need to make sure you have comfortable clothing to wear and you have a clean comfortable environment to recover in. This may be having a friend or relative to help you following surgery, you may need someone to help you move around, get to the bathroom and help with tasks such as cooking and washing. Booking a recovery house prior to your bbl surgery may be something to consider. Most doctors will recommend an overnight stay after a bbl surgery. However, a recovery house can provide you with care after being discharged from the hospital. It is a popular option for patients traveling overseas for surgery. Your doctor will arrange for blood work and a health check-up prior to the procedure and may advise you to stop taking some medicines such as blood thinners before the procedure.

The Brazilian butt lift procedure

It usually takes 3-4 hours to perform a Brazilian butt lift. The procedure is likely to take longer if the other procedures are included. Fat is removed by liposuction. Liposuction areas can include the abdomen, the flanks, the arms, thighs, hips, and chin. The fat is then purified and reinjected into the buttocks using a cannula. Bbl surgery is considered less invasive than a buttock augmentation that involves making incisions to insert an implant into the buttock. Buttock implants are associated with being more painful due to the invasive nature of the implants. That is not to say a bbl surgery is not a painful procedure, it can be a painful and uncomfortable recovery due to the multiple areas of the body that are affected. In many cases, a Brazilian butt lift can make people feel more confident and feel that clothes fit them better. As with any fat transfer or cosmetic procedure the risks must be carefully evaluated and weighed up before making a decision to opt for surgery.

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