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10 Things Most People Don’t Know About White Ink Tattoos

10 Things Most People Don’t Know About White Ink Tattoos


Everything you need to know about the newest body modification craze – tattoos with white ink.


Delicate, subtle, and absolutely gorgeous, white tattoos are a fairly new phenomenon in the ink world. Of course, this means there are many questions that you will want to ask before getting inked with white. After all, getting a tattoo, even a white one is a big commitment. The good news is you can find a whole wealth of info on this subject in the post below.


1.   White ink tattoos are subtle.

While tattoos are a lifestyle for many, a lot of employers haven’t yet caught up. With many still asking on application forms and looking out for visible tattoos in interviews.


Of course, the great thing about white ink tattoos is that they are a great deal more subtle than their traditional alternative. Indeed, they are designed to fade over time, which means you can happily have them in a visible place, yet not worry about any long-term consequences such as them affecting your chances of getting hired in your dream job.


2.   White ink tattoos are great for first-timers.

Another thing that many people don’t realise about white ink is that this fading is also something that makes them ideal as a first tattoo. The reason being that many people agonize over the design they get, worried if they will continue to like it 30 years down the line. However, with a white ink tattoo that is designed to fade to flesh color, there is no need to panic, as it can usually be posted unless pointed out.


3.   White ink tattoos are more personal than other types

Indeed, another issue with the fading of white tattoos is that it makes them more personal and private for the person getting them. This is something that can really work well if you are choosing to get a design that is inspirational like a semi-colon for those that have overcome struggles in their life but would rather not have to answer questions from stronger people about it all of the time.


4.   It’s important to find a tattoo artist with experience with white ink.

The thing with white tattoos is that as they are not yet mainstream you may struggle, at least at first to find an artist that is up to the task. In fact, some artists will steer clear of doing white tattoos because they can be so tricky to get right. In particular, there is often an issue with the white ink mixing with stencil ink, something that can leave a less than bright white color behind.


With that in mind, finding a white ink tattoo specialist and carefully checking out their portfolio is vital before you book your appointment.

5.   Fully white tattoos are still a new trend

Tattoos in general have become more and more popular over the last 20 years. Indeed getting inked has become a lifestyle for many who have cohesive designs all over their body. Some in color and some in the basic black outline tone.


However, getting an entirely white tattoo is something a lot more recent and if you hop onto Insta or other forms of social media you can see why. After all, these new forms of tattoos are dainty and ethereal and perfect for folks that want something a little more subtle than the more traditional forms.

6.   White ink is not designed for outlining

Traditionally, when you go for a tattoo, there are two different types of inks that are used, outlining ink and filler. Outlining ink is thinner and makes getting crisp lines a lot easier for the artist. The issue here is that white ink doesn’t tend to come in outlining variety, but is instead a filler. This means that it’s thicker and it can make getting clean lines much more tricky.


Unfortunately, due to the nature of white ink, you can expect raised skin that seems more like a scar than a tattoo as well. Not to mention the fact that white tattoos have a tendency to blur more quickly than others as well, something that it is well worth giving considerable thought to before you make your decision.

7.   White tattoos are not UV sensitive

You may have seen the killer UV tattoos that are now available on social media. You know the ones that glow under black light, and are the perfect addition to your clubbing ensemble?


However, these are not the same as white tattoos. In fact, white tattoos do not glow in the dark at all, do if that is the look you want be sure to request UV ink instead of white.

8.   The end result will depend on your skin type

Obviously, many of us like the fact that white tattoos fade, however, the extent to which this happens will depend on our individual skin types. Pale skins in particular can expect a longer-lasting result. However, those of us with more melanated skin may find that our white tattoos fade faster.

women with white ink tattoo
women with white ink tattoo

9.   White tattoos tan just like regular skin

Another important thing that most people don’t know about white tattoos is that they tan in a similar way to normal skin. Again, this is a bit of a double-edged sword as it helps them to fade which many people see as a benefit.


However, if you live in a sunny climate you may experience fading faster than you would elsewhere, something that means you won’t be able to see your design for that long.


10.    There are things you can do to minimise fading

Last, of all, it is helpful to know that there are some great strategies you can use to minimize the risk of fading.


In particular, you need to be careful with your white tattoo during the healing phase. Avoid picking at it, and let it heal slowly on its own. Also, once your white tattoo is fully healed be sure to take care of it with SPF every day. Finally, as your tattoo heals make sure you only apply a thin layer of cream. Also never apply a new layer of cream without first washing the old layer off, as this can create issues like bubbling that will affect the final result of your tattoo.








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